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Monday, June 7, 2010

An amazing view

Pictures are from http://picasawebgoogle.com/ & my camera ( I hope to get some more myself next time)

This past weekend was not the best day to go visit Serra Cross Park, because it was very cloudy, windy and cold day. I took my boyfriend up their since he had never been up their to see sow much view of Ventura County. I find it really relaxing and very nice place to visit and see sow much of where I am from. I took my boyfriend up their, because I know when were In Los Angeles, Ca he wants to go one day by the Hollywood sign and be able to see all the lights late at night, which I have seen part of Los Angeles, Ca but from a different area. In Serra Cross Park I find it really nice to go on a Sunny day and plan to go again soon for my boyfriend can experience that nice view since we did not have any luck. I always wonder what the history of that place and came across

http://www.serracross.org/ and would not have thought that weddings happen up that hill with that beautiful view. I know many of my friends enjoy going up their as well and be able to see that view. I think you all would enjoy it to if you enjoy being in nature and are ok with heights.