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" Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go."
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last week...New classes...

The advice I would give to someone in not writing their paper is to not wait for the last couple days its due or even wait for the last minute. I would advice them to take a lot of time when it comes to researching about their topic, because it will be very worth it at the end. I feel that in the past ten weeks I might of improved myself a bit on the thesis statement, since I had trouble in that area. I also think I improved myself in using different brain storming methods, that helped me come up with more information regarding my topic. Although I think I have improved a bit in my thesis statement I know I am going to continue in bettering myself in that area to be a better writer. I can sure say this has been a great class this semester and was able to interact with everyone. I really will appreciate all the help I received and feedback from everyone, because I think all of you made me improve a bit more as a writer. I can truly say I did not expect this class to be very fun like it has been, since I went through this class before and did not receive much help. I think I would love to have classes like this one where the student is helped to be able to reach her/ his goals. Professor you made this class fun and interesting, Thank you & everyone. = )

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost done & getting to the end ...

With my paper almost done and to be turned in by Tuesday I feel good about it. I think I have done a really good job and have taken a lot of feedback from everyone that is important to me to be a better writer. I feel nervous and accomplished at the same time. I feel nervous, because i am thinking about the grade I will receive in my final paper. I know that from the grade I receive I will look into my paper a bit more after and see what I could have also done better since my topic is also something that interested me. I feel accomplished, because throughout this term I have learned sow much from my professor and classmates. I know I will take in many things that were said to me throughout the discussions, because it has been a great help. I will sure miss interacting wit many off you, this was a very great class. I believe that I have improved the way I write by applying new techniques throughout my coursework. I think that being able to write about something you have not heard about used in a topic makes it more exciting in a way, because you get to also learn more about the topic and also it not only keeps the writer interested but the readers attention. As well I believe that being able to write about something new can be a challenge and see what areas are needed to be worked on better. Wow! if I had to choose other topics I would like to talk about and learn more about are the effects of helium in the body, the effects of bed wetting in children, the effects of bad posture, the effects of video games on children , the effects of having a gallbladder removed, I think their are many topics more that would interest me to write about and know more about like the ones I mentioned. I was very happy with the topic I chose to write about in this class, it was something new to me and many.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Throughout the process during the coursework I have not had any issues with the class. I probably have only has a bit of a difficult time getting my thesis statement correct. I really have enjoyed being able to receive feedback from my professor and classmates. I find it very helpful to receive the comments, because it can give me more ideas, what sounds good, what should i change and other things. Receiving comments on my blog post are very cool to hear from all of you as well reading the blogs from everyone else. I probably will most likely keep my blog and continue blogging about what I am up to out here in California, since it is a very neat way to keep in touch with all of you. I want to say Thank you all for your comments and feedback throughout this term. = )

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How do you feel about peer reviews? What have your experiences with them been like?

I feel that having peer reviews are very helpful, because many will give their honest feedback. Also many will advice you in what they might think will make it better or what they would like to know more off from the topic one is writing about. It helps when a peer review gets very interested in the persons topic, because they might ask themselves questions of what they would like to hear more about. Being able to have peers review our papers is great, because at the end we can go back and add on or take off even organize it better to get the attention to our audience. I have had some mostly positive experiences when it comes to receiving criticism, because I try to not take it negatively do to the fact getting advice can make a greater paper. Just like when we write rough drafts it helps to receive as much feedback as we can, at the end many will have a better written paper.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


My writing process at first was a bit difficult, because finding the right resources that are needed can be a challenge. Since there is many times that many articles are repeated with the same information it can be frusturating in finding something new that you have not came across. When starting my writing process I like staying organized. Also being able to come up with ideas can be difficult ad something that always helps me is brain storming and writing an outline. This technique gets me going on how I start writing my papers. My school up to now has a big influence in my life because it keeps me atriving for the best of my future. Also their are things that i like learning more about of the things I know a little bit about as well things I have never heard off. To me it is like when we write a research paper and only know a couple things and learn more about a topic eitheir by someone or on are own by researching.

Monday, June 14, 2010

An amazing journey

A couple months back I remember a young teenager who wanted to travel on her boat all around the world. Her name is Abby Sunderland I am very amazed how brave she is in going off in such a long journey through the waves of the ocean on her wild eyes. I would not have thought that she would of kept a blog just like we are in class. Her blog is very interesting how it took place and has came to an end, do to trouble she had with her boat. I think she has inspired many people possibly in diff rent ways. I think if someone has a dream or goal to accomplish something it is possible if you make an effort. I know if I was on a boat by myself i would be very scared and its truly amazing how Abby started this journey and has been able to blog about it as much as possible as she could. If you all get a chance you should check it out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

An amazing view

Pictures are from http://picasawebgoogle.com/ & my camera ( I hope to get some more myself next time)

This past weekend was not the best day to go visit Serra Cross Park, because it was very cloudy, windy and cold day. I took my boyfriend up their since he had never been up their to see sow much view of Ventura County. I find it really relaxing and very nice place to visit and see sow much of where I am from. I took my boyfriend up their, because I know when were In Los Angeles, Ca he wants to go one day by the Hollywood sign and be able to see all the lights late at night, which I have seen part of Los Angeles, Ca but from a different area. In Serra Cross Park I find it really nice to go on a Sunny day and plan to go again soon for my boyfriend can experience that nice view since we did not have any luck. I always wonder what the history of that place and came across

http://www.serracross.org/ and would not have thought that weddings happen up that hill with that beautiful view. I know many of my friends enjoy going up their as well and be able to see that view. I think you all would enjoy it to if you enjoy being in nature and are ok with heights.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

An opportunity to be an online student

Having the opportunity of being an online student has been a great experience. I think it has worked for me very well, because when I am in a actual class it can be difficult to stay focus do to distractions. It can be nerve wrecking for me to take test in a class full of students, because you see them leaving one by one and feel like the need of rushing or in some cases I would blank out. Having the opportunity to do certain things at my own pace works for me, because I don't get nervous or feel rushed. Also it works around my schedule and the best part is that I get to work on my class work here at home and listen to seminars at home. I really like how this online experience with Kaplan Online has a online library were many resources can be found. The style of how a class is organized I really enjoy it because it is not difficult to access different things. To create a closer class community I would think blogging is one way of communicating with others who follow you. I think it would be neat if we were able to communicate with other students not in our classes through blogging or even through a chat room were things from school can be discussed. Overall my experience as a student in Kaplan University has been something that works for me in how I learn things from classes.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Alex will be missed...

This past week has been hard for my friends and me as well the family of a friend. This past week I received the news from one of my best friends that a classmate from high school that we knew past away. I was shocked about the news, because I could not beleive it at all as many other people could not. My friend Alex of 22 yrs of age died in a car accident. I looked at the ventura county news and they showed how the car was and it was not a pretty picture. He was with his father that early morning on May 18, 2010. His dad was hospitalized and my friend did not make it. I knew that Alex was related to some of my family members and as for me possibly a very distant cousin of mine. I called one of my male cousins who is a relative to Alex who was close to him and gave him the news. He could not beleive it eitheir, because he had just text him way before the accident happened. Many people knew his accomplishments & plans he had this year from graduating from college on May 20, 2010. He had planned on going on a trip in June & December. The day he past away he had planned to take out one of his best friends out for her birthday as well. It is always hard to accept when tragedies like these happen to someone who you knew. I was a bit depressed and could not sleep because looking at how the car was, Alex must off sufferd sow much pain in the accident. I know he was a great person and very nice guy I am sure many will remeber him in their memories. Rest In Peace Alex G. 5/18/2010 : (