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Saturday, May 29, 2010

An opportunity to be an online student

Having the opportunity of being an online student has been a great experience. I think it has worked for me very well, because when I am in a actual class it can be difficult to stay focus do to distractions. It can be nerve wrecking for me to take test in a class full of students, because you see them leaving one by one and feel like the need of rushing or in some cases I would blank out. Having the opportunity to do certain things at my own pace works for me, because I don't get nervous or feel rushed. Also it works around my schedule and the best part is that I get to work on my class work here at home and listen to seminars at home. I really like how this online experience with Kaplan Online has a online library were many resources can be found. The style of how a class is organized I really enjoy it because it is not difficult to access different things. To create a closer class community I would think blogging is one way of communicating with others who follow you. I think it would be neat if we were able to communicate with other students not in our classes through blogging or even through a chat room were things from school can be discussed. Overall my experience as a student in Kaplan University has been something that works for me in how I learn things from classes.


  1. Yicel, we have so much in common. You're three days older than me, I also have a few neices and nephews, and I've also been to Hawaii and Mexico. I love the flexibility and easy pace of Kaplan as well. You are right, if people used the chat room option for classes, the online experience could be a lot more beneficial.

  2. Hi Danica, yes we do seem to have so much in common we are geminis = ). You just reminded me of my friend who i met in my community college who was born june 10 and one year younger and have so much in common with her too.