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Friday, May 21, 2010

Alex will be missed...

This past week has been hard for my friends and me as well the family of a friend. This past week I received the news from one of my best friends that a classmate from high school that we knew past away. I was shocked about the news, because I could not beleive it at all as many other people could not. My friend Alex of 22 yrs of age died in a car accident. I looked at the ventura county news and they showed how the car was and it was not a pretty picture. He was with his father that early morning on May 18, 2010. His dad was hospitalized and my friend did not make it. I knew that Alex was related to some of my family members and as for me possibly a very distant cousin of mine. I called one of my male cousins who is a relative to Alex who was close to him and gave him the news. He could not beleive it eitheir, because he had just text him way before the accident happened. Many people knew his accomplishments & plans he had this year from graduating from college on May 20, 2010. He had planned on going on a trip in June & December. The day he past away he had planned to take out one of his best friends out for her birthday as well. It is always hard to accept when tragedies like these happen to someone who you knew. I was a bit depressed and could not sleep because looking at how the car was, Alex must off sufferd sow much pain in the accident. I know he was a great person and very nice guy I am sure many will remeber him in their memories. Rest In Peace Alex G. 5/18/2010 : (

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