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" Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go."
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Almost done & getting to the end ...

With my paper almost done and to be turned in by Tuesday I feel good about it. I think I have done a really good job and have taken a lot of feedback from everyone that is important to me to be a better writer. I feel nervous and accomplished at the same time. I feel nervous, because i am thinking about the grade I will receive in my final paper. I know that from the grade I receive I will look into my paper a bit more after and see what I could have also done better since my topic is also something that interested me. I feel accomplished, because throughout this term I have learned sow much from my professor and classmates. I know I will take in many things that were said to me throughout the discussions, because it has been a great help. I will sure miss interacting wit many off you, this was a very great class. I believe that I have improved the way I write by applying new techniques throughout my coursework. I think that being able to write about something you have not heard about used in a topic makes it more exciting in a way, because you get to also learn more about the topic and also it not only keeps the writer interested but the readers attention. As well I believe that being able to write about something new can be a challenge and see what areas are needed to be worked on better. Wow! if I had to choose other topics I would like to talk about and learn more about are the effects of helium in the body, the effects of bed wetting in children, the effects of bad posture, the effects of video games on children , the effects of having a gallbladder removed, I think their are many topics more that would interest me to write about and know more about like the ones I mentioned. I was very happy with the topic I chose to write about in this class, it was something new to me and many.


  1. Ohh i like your idea of bad posture! That is really good. If I have to do this again, I am stealing your idea :) I will sure miss you too Yicel.

  2. Hi Danica,

    lol it is ok you dont need to steal it from me sharing is caring = ). I think their are many great topics to search about and dont mind at all you getting one from me. I will sure miss you too Danica.

  3. Yicel - another hilarious graphic! Where are you finding all these?

  4. Hi professor,

    I was looking for images online that seemed a bit funny lol. I guess they have been sow far. This picture makes me think of all the research that I have done and I am almost done with my final paper just putting in final touches. = )